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Lumina grand: Redefining Luxury Life in Bukitbatok West Avenue 5

Lumina Grand, located within Bukit Batok's West Avenue 5 enclave is a perfect example of contemporary luxury. Lumina Grand has been designed with careful attention to details by acclaimed real estate professionals. This condominium offers a unique fusion combining opulences, sophistication and convenience.

Architectural Elegance:

The exterior of Lumina Grand creates an instant sense of grandeur. Modern design with sleek lines and clean, straight lines showcases architectural excellence. The facade is striking and draws attention to the interior. Lumina Grand is more than a simple residential complex; it's a work of art that brings architectural brilliance to its urban surroundings.

Luxurious Interiors:

Upon entry to Lumina Grand the residents enter a world of luxurious, modern interiors. They are carefully designed to make the most of natural light. This creates a bright, airy environment. This is further enhanced by the high ceilings, large windows and a feeling of openness. Modern fixtures and premium interior finishes are used to create a harmonious blend between functionality and design. Lumina Grand, a sanctuary of elevated living experiences where every detail counts.

Prime Location:

Lumina Grand offers more than its breathtaking architecture and luxurious interiors. Bukit West Avenue 5's strategic position makes the condo more attractive. It is easy to reach major transportation hubs as well as educational and commercial institutions. It is a great place to live, with a lot of amenities nearby. Lumina Grand offers a location that is both convenient and a way of life.

World-Class Amenities:

Lumina Grand has a range of luxury amenities tailored to its diverse residents' needs. Health enthusiasts will enjoy the fitness center's well-equipped equipment, and those looking for a relaxing retreat can take advantage of spa and wellness services. Around the sprawling swimming pools, meticulously manicured grounds provide a place of leisure and entertainment. Lumina Grand’s amenities enrich residents’ lives on a physical, mental and social level.

Community Living

Lumina Grand cultivates a sense community within its residents. The neighborhood can connect through regular activities and social gatherings. The sense belonging that Lumina Grand cultivates turns the residential development into a vibrant and active community. Shared experiences are what enhances overall quality.

Innovation and Sustainability

Lumina Grand offers not just luxury, but is also a leading innovator in sustainable development and innovative technologies. The project incorporates green practices, smart home technologies, and energy-efficient systems. It aligns itself with global trends that are moving towards a cleaner and sustainable future. Lumina Grand residents not only get to live in luxury but contribute to a lifestyle that is sustainable.

Lumina Grand provides a luxury lifestyle to those who are accustomed to the finest things. Lumina Grand redefines upscale Bukit-Batok living with its luxurious architecture, world class amenities, commitment to community, and sustainable development. A haven of thoughtfully selected elements that create an extraordinary living experience.

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